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How To Get Right With God

If you need to repent, be baptized or recieve the Holt Spirit.

Feel free to contact me if you need help in getting right with God. And getting a peace within yourself.

What Is TLR

TLR is acronym for The Last Reformation. It is an awakening of God's church that is taking place around the world very quickly.

Kickstarting The World.

Belivers from around the world are being kickstarted into the normal Christian life as we read in the book of Acts.

Discipleship Training

Monday and Wendsday evenings are our disciple training. Here is where the rubber meats the road, where mans traditions are removed and where you discover the power in the gospel.

Home Fellowship.

Home fellowships are great way to build each other up and live a life together, where we are of one mind and heart. It's also a time for new people to be kickstarted- disciples making disciples.