About The Last Reformation

What is The Last Reformation about, what is the story behind it and what is the vision?

What is The Last Reformation?

The Last Reformation is a new movement, started in 2011, that is now spreading all over the world. It is about coming back to what we read in the book of Acts. We believe that what we read in the book of Acts is also for today and that we need to come back to the simple disciple life the first Christians had. We believe that The Last Reformation is a reformation about the true gospel and the simple disciple life, but also a reformation of the church. This is the reason why the movement is called The Last Reformation. The “first” reformation was the reformation with Martin Luther in the 16th century. A reformation of the Catholic church that led to the Protestant church.

If we look at the Protestant church today, it looks so much like the Catholic church and so little like what we read in the Bible and especially the book of Acts. Therefore we really need a new reformation that goes so much deeper than what Martin Luther and the other reformers came with. We are talking about a reformation that deals with the doctrines, the Spirit and the whole church system, why we do church the way we do it.

How did it start?

Torben Søndergaard, the founder of this movement, and his family have been working with church planting for twelve years in three different cities. God took them through a desert period, where they lost everything. Out there in the desert they started to ask questions about church and why the things we do today are so much different from what we read in the Book of Acts. Out there in the desert they saw church from outside. They saw that what they were doing before, and what many are doing now in most churches, was not biblical in many areas and that the way we do church today is not effective in making disciples. Through that desert period God revealed a lot to Torben. In that time he wrote the book ‘The Last Reformation’.

From the book:
We got the first reformation with Martin Luther in the 16th century, and the last 500 years there have been revivals here and there, where truth that has been lost has come back again. We have for example the Baptist church where they came back to the biblical baptism of believers by full immersion and not baptizing infants. Another example is the Pentecostal church where they came back to believe in the gift of the Holy Spirit also for today. Every truth that is now in different boxes, in different places is going to come together. Getting all these truths together with a change of the way we do church will bring us back to the life we see in the book of Acts.

After this desert period, Torben made The Pioneer School, 20 online lessons, which just exploded and many people love it because it confirms something they already knew in their heart. So there was the book ‘The Last Reformation’ and The Pioneer School and out of that the movement started to be what we see today. Thousands of people worldwide are following this and it is growing everyday.

Torben Søndergaard wrote ‘The Last Reformation’. In it he explained how church and discipleship should look like. The way people do it nowadays is not the same as the first disciples did it and it does not bear fruit.

What is the vision for The Last Reformation?

First of all we want to come back to the gospel. The gospel is the foundation and if there is one thing we may not compromise, it is the gospel. The gospel is not asking Jesus into your heart, saying a sinner’s prayer, or just believing that God exists. No, Jesus said we need to follow him and to follow him we need, as he said, to be born again. Born out of water and born out of Spirit. We are talking about recognizing our sin and repenting toward God the Father, having faith in Jesus and being baptized to him, and then receiving the Holy Spirit. That is what it is to be born again. We need to preach that, we need to say that, we need to get that out to every church denomination, every household, every Christian! We want this because there are many churchgoers today who are not truly born again and they also need to hear the true gospel.

The next thing we want to do, is to kickstart all Christians into the life we read about in the Bible. Kickstarting means to train people, disciple them in doing the things, not only hearing, but doing. Which things? Healing the sick, casting out demons, preaching the gospel, baptizing people in water, baptizing people in the Holy Spirit and so on… We talk about making disciples!

The third thing is that we want to see a reformation of the church. That the church shall come back to the simple disciple life we read about in the book of Acts, where Jesus is the head and we are all brothers. We are ALL led by the Holy Spirit. Church is not a building, it is not a meeting, it is not a program. No, it is a disciple movement, a family, a life.

The Pioneer School helps to see what the real gospel is and why we need this last reformation.