Can Christians Have Demons




We know from the word of God that the Lord Jesus cast out demons ( Matt 8:16 ). In Matt 10:1 we see that He commanded His Apostles to cast out demons. In Mark 16:15-17 Lord Jesus said that who ever believes would cast out demons. In Acts 8:4-7 we see that the disciple Philip cast out demons in Samaria.

The question I want to answer here is can Christians have demons. First of all  lets answer the question can Christians get sick, the answer is yes. But should this be so for a son of God, NO of course not, why because Jesus took every sickness and every disease upon Himself. Many Christians suffer with sickness today because they are ignorant of the truth and many are living in sin and not doers of the word of God. For James 1:22 says by not doing the word of God we will be deceived. So just as Christians can be sick they can also be tormented by demons. Again this should not be the case. So lets see what the bible says about this. In Ephesians 4:17-31 we read that we are not to live like the world lives in ignorance. ( 17 ) If you have heard Jesus and been taught by Him, for the truth is in Him ( 21 ). You are to put off the old man which grows corrupt, and be renewed in your mind. Put on the new man which was created in the likeness of God, in true RIGHTEOUNESS AND HOLLINESS ( 22-24 ).  From verses 25-31 we read that we are to put away lying, not to let the sun go down on your anger, not to let corrupt words come out of your mouth, but only what builds others up, stop stealing, let all bitterness, loud quarrelling, bad temper and evil speaking BE PUT FAR FROM YOU.

Why does God through the Apostle Paul command this of us, because we see in verse 27 that living like the world it gives opportunity to the devil, and in verse 30 we see that this grieves the Holy Spirit.

So we see that Christians can have demons because they give place to the devil in there lives. So what can we do to avoid demonic influence in our lives. In verse 32 and continuing through chapter 5:1-21 we read that we are to walk in love and to imitate our Father God, the same way Christ gave Himself for us. We are to give thanks, rather than fornicating or uncleanness or foolish talking, which is not fitting for saints. For all fornicators, unclean person ( dirty minded. ) or the covetous WILL NOT INHERIT THE KINGDOM OF GOD. We are not to be partakers with them, we were once children of darkness but know we are children of light, therefore we are to walk as children of light. We are to have no fellowship with the UNFRUITFUL works of darkness, but we are to expose them. AWAKE YOU WHO SLEEP AND CHRIST WILL GIVE YOU LIGHT. Live life then with a due sense of responsibility, don’t be unwise but firmly grasp what you know the will of the Lord is. ( The will of the Lord is what is written in the word of God ) don’t be stimulated with alcohol, but rather let the Holy Spirit stimulate you ( be continuously filled with the Spirit ), How! by expressing your joy in singing among yourselves psalms , hymns and spiritual songs. ( these will be inspired by the Holy Spirit ). Give thanks always for all things to God in the name of Jesus Christ. Submit to one another in THE FEAR OF GOD.

I have seen many demons come out of Christians when they have truly repented of there sins. We must renew the mind and live a holy life. Romans 12:1-2 says that we are to give our bodies to God as a living sacrifice, and to be transformed by renewing our mind. In the scriptures we see the word soul which is our mind, will and emotions, the very thing that dictates the lives of so many Christians. In James 1:21 we see that the implanted word of God is able to save our souls. Psalm 19:7 says that the law of the LORD  is perfect, restoring the soul. Hebrews 4:12 says that the word of God is living and powerful, and sharper than any two edged sword, which is divides the spirit and soul and is a discerner of the thoughts. Hebrews 6:19 says that the hope we have in God is an anchor of the soul. In 1John 2:14 we read that John was writing to the fathers and said that they have overcome the wicked one because the word of God abided in them. Jesus said in John 15:7 that if we abide in Him and His words abide in us, then we could ask what we desire and it would be done for us.

You can keep yourself free from demonic oppression if you live a holy life and renew your mind. Be holy for I am holy ( 1 Pet 1:16 ).

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