Kickstart Seminar.

 Norman Gardens (Rockhampton), Qld.

                   March 5th – 7th 2021.

In this 3 day event, you will be taught what a true disciple of Jesus Christ is.

You will gain sound doctrine on what is the gospel that the early saints preached, (the gospel that God confirmed with signs following).

You will learn how to heal the sick, to cast out demons, to baptize in water and the Holy Spirit, buy getting out on the street with us and doing it. You will then be able to teach others to do the same. This is making disciples. That’s how Jesus did it, that’s how we do it.

So if your wearied by dry religion and you want to be a fruitful disciple of the Lord Jesus. Then come along to this kickstart seminar.

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God Bless.


Kickstart Seminar.

Airlie Beach, Queensland.

July 31 – August 2

Note. This event is free. There is opportunity for people to donate if they choose to.

You will be trained and activated (kick-started) to step out in faith to: heal the sick, preach the Gospel, baptize in water, baptize in the Holy Spirit and make disciples. After the teaching we will form small groups and minister on the streets.
This seminar will take you:

  • Back to the examples Jesus gave us
  • Back to the book of Acts
  • Back to the foundations of the Bible​.

To know what to expect form a kickstart seminar, check out a presentation  I did on my YouTube Channel – Disciple Disciplines.

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Discipleship Training


                               The Last Reformation

                                 Discipleship Training.

Are you looking for the normal Christian life  we read about in the bible.

Then come along to one of our kick-start seminars, that are happening all over the country and the world.

Come and learn what it is to be a disciple of Jesus Christ.

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Kickstarting of Christians are happening at any time by appointment.

If you are feeling frustrated in the church because of a lack of action,

then make an appointment to be kickstarted and get that zeal back that you first

had when you got born again.


The Healing Station

Glenn will be set up opposite the Cairns Lagoon most nights of the week when he is in town, (weather dependant).

Come along from 6:00 – 9:00 pm, look for the free healing sign. Be a part of the goodness of God

as people are healed and hear the gospel preached.

There have been some great displays of God’s power, many have been healed and repented of sin.

Others have been baptized in Christ and Holy Spirit.

What a great way to spend the evening. Better than watching TV