Healthy Life

 In the year 2007 the Lord spoke to Glenn very clearly and said “3 things must change, health, finance and relationships.” Since that word from God, the Lord began to teach Glenn about these 3 important areas of life.
The Lord then opened Glenn’s eyes and he saw the great need for this in the church. So many Christians suffering with sickness. So many were ignorant about good health.
As Glenn started to apply what he learned from the Lord, he began to see improvements not only in his own health, but also the health of his family ( immediate and Christian ).


The added bonus to the change in their health also brought a much better relationship in the family’s. Because sickness can put a heavy burden on relationships. Also there was improvement in their finances, because now they were saving money on their grocery bill. The other great bonus was that now they had gotten good results, that their friends and family recognized they were able to refer them onto what they had learned. Now others were getting the benefits of great health and finances. But it does not end there, now they were getting paid  for simply helping others get the results they wanted. What a blessing, everybody wins.            

Glenn understands the importance of a healthy lifestyle so that we may be fit for the Masters use. Knowing that our bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit ( 1Cor 6:19 ) and that we have this treasure in earthen vessels ( 2Cor 4:7 ), so we can give our bodies as a living sacrifice holy and acceptable to God ( Rom 12:2 ).



Therefore Glenn is an associate with Isagenix, a health and wellness company that is a leader in cutting edge research into youthful aging, weight loss, peak endurance and  detoxification. Isagenix have a concept of healthy cells – healthy body, therefore all there products treat illness at the cellular level resulting in healing of many sickness and diseases. All of Isagenix products are 100% natural plant based and come with a 100% 30 day money back guarantee. So you have nothing to loose except toxins, stress, fatigue and some weight. So check out his Isagenix website for more information were you will see videos, testimonies and other interesting facts about there products, the company and how you can get your products at wholesale and even how to get your products paid for.



 For you were bought at a price, therefore glorify God in your body and in your spirit are  which God’s.   1Cor 6:20