Glenn Ford

Glenn has been born again since 2003, after his conversion he really had a passion for Jesus and a  desire to serve Him, and began to  devour the bible and be fervent in prayer.

Then near the end of 2005 the Lord gave Glenn a dream, in the dream he saw a big tape measure stretched out. At the start of the tape was the number 2006 and at the other end was the number 2015. Then he heard the Lord say to him “these are the last days”.

During that 9 year period Glenn and his wife Donna were really taken on a journey of  learning dependence on God and suffering for Christ. On that journey his love for Jesus continued to blossom and a hunger to bear fruit for Jesus was increasing, and now there was a real burden on his heart for the lost sinners and a desire to teach the word of God to the saints.

Even though he was growing in the knowledge of God, there also were  times of persecution. In 2007 Glenn and his wife Donna experienced the death of their son Joshua at the age of 10 weeks old.  This really put a lot of pressure on their marriage and family because Donna  ran from God and Glenn ran to God.  In spite of this God brought comfort to them by there leaning on Him. and in 2008 God gave them Isaac.

Around 2010 the Lord got Glenn out of bed early in the morning ( about 2:00am ) and led him to pray for an awakening that was coming on the earth. He began to pray as the Lord led, this praying continued  for 2 months.

The journey continued with Glenn going to bible college in 2012  which got him a Diploma and experience in ministry, both with congregations and one on one. After his graduation from bible college the Lord was opening doors for Glenn in ministry. There were decisions to be made, was he going to please man or God. He chose God and theft the church he and his family was attending.

After this they went to another church where Glenn and Donna were given opportunity to grow, Glenn was grateful for this but after some time he became frustrated again. “Because the truth is not in a building and programs, it’s in Jesus and living a holy and radical life for Him”.

Through this time of frustration God led Glenn in 2014  to The Pioneer School,  Glenn said to himself “yes there is someone who thinks like me and this guy is doing it.”

The lessons and testimonies from The Pioneer School really brought a breakthrough for Glenn, and he started going on the streets. In September of 2014 Glenn went to Brisbane to be apart of a kickstart seminar with Torben Sondergaard.

As Glenn was continuing with The Pioneer School and The Last Reformation, a door was opened for him to go to Denmark and to be a student at the Luke 10 Training School. ( now called Pioneer Training School ) held at the Jesus Hotel in Aalborg. This happened 1 year after that first kickstart seminar in Brisbane.   During that 2 month period he really experienced the power of the gospel and the normal Christian life ( just like we read in the book of Acts ). He was bearing fruit for Jesus.

When Glenn arrived back in Australia on November 5  2015  things started to change in his family and in his city. As he continued to do what he was doing in Denmark he was seeing a lot of fruit, people were beginning to contact him and many were getting free from sin and sickness and were being kickstarted into the normal Christian life.

As more and more people are being awakened to the truth, disciples are being made as Glenn continues on the path the Lord had for him. Running the TLR Movie and kickstart seminars in north Queensland, going on the streets preaching the gospel and healing the sick and making disciples of Jesus Christ, through discipleship training nights and one on one ministry.

Glenn is continues  working with  The Last Reformation and the reformation family all in Australia and abroad.

Glenn Lives in Cairns Queensland with his wife and 2 children.


The Lord’s word has come to pass, He has continued to be faithful and He will always be. To Him be all the glory and honour.