Hell really exists

Hey saints, as someone who has preached to many people on the streets. I have noted that there are many who do not believe that hell exists, AMONG THOSE MANY ARE CHRISTIANS.

In my pursuit to win the lost and awaken the church by using as many resources as possible, seminars, podcasts, videos, kick-starting, books, preaching and healing on the streets. By doing some digging around I have found a great resource to help people to know the truth about hell.

Bill Wiese a Christian man who the Lord took to hell, he shares his experience being in hell and the constant torment of it. He has had many interviews and has written a downloadable book that tells his story along with scripture references. Also included are over 70 videos of interviews of people who have also seen hell and the torment of it. There is also included a video of interviews with people who have been to heaven.

So if you or someone you know is doubting or is argumentative about hell. Check out this valuable resource.     HELL IS REAL

Here they get instant access to everything that I’ve mentioned for only $5.46 AUD. You also have the option to get it free for 60 days.
So what are waiting for saints, lets do it. God depends on us.
Love to all.