I have been in church for over 30 years, I became very frustrated because I was not seeing in the church or my life the fruits I read about in the bible. So I cried out to God in desperation and He brought me to TLR. Since then I have been kickstarted on the streets experiencing God using me by healing the sick and sharing the love of God. For the first time in many years I feel alive again. It is also so good to be in fellowship with like minded people. Thank you TLR and thank you Glenn and family for your discipleship and hospitality. Dennis. Wanggeti, north Qld.


I was introduced to TLR from a friend, I then met with Glenn on the street to be kickstarted, it was wonderful to see the Lord lead us to people who needed healing and the gospel. I have continued with Glenn and family in Sunday lunch fellowships together and have done a 2 day kickstart seminar, which Glenn holds on occasion. I highly recommend the seminar to any one who wants to walk in the truth. Glenn is a great teacher of the word of God and leader of  TLR Cairns. Thank you  Glenn and Donna for your servants heart. Susie. Cairns, Qld.



For the last 17 years I have been praying for a revival of the church. When I heard about TLR I contacted Glenn by email, he was gracious enough to come and visit with me  in my prayer meeting. As he shared with me some testimonies of what the Lord was doing in his midst,  I was so excited that finally there is some one in my city doing the book of Acts. As we continued to talk a young family came in  the meeting the young boy was healed of a a tooth ache and emotional problems. Also his mother was set free from anxiety. The whole place was filled with the glory of God. When I was introduced to the TLR Movie and watched it  I have been so encouraged by it that I have told as many people as possible about it.  When I was in Sydney, I watched with some friends and family. After the movie I placed my hands on one of the elderly gentleman and he was instantly healed of a leg injury. Thank you Jesus for your faithfulness. Julie. Cairns, Qld.