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The Last Reformation. – The Beginning.

Finally, the church is alive again! Praise the Lord!

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Have you watched our documentary? In the box, you can watch this life-changing movie for free. This movie has changed the lives of many people around the globe already, and it can change your life too! It shows how we can live the life the first disciples had in the Book of Acts.

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  The Last Reformation.  –  The Life.


From the living room of a pop-star, to a homeless man on the streets in Brazil, this movie shows extraordinary and authentic moments of lives surrendered to Jesus, both the hardships and victories. Audiences are invited to experience the movement that is growing all around the world as people discover what it truly means to become disciples of Jesus. This film shows things that have never been captured on video before, such as the impressive moment when Mambo No. 5-singer Lou Bega and his entire household was baptized with the Holy Spirit and in water. This will remind you of stories from the Bible!

Lou Bega wrote original music for this movie.

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